I’ve been teaching adults and children for more than 40 years. In addition to basic beginning piano, I teach jazz, blues, rock, folk and some classical. I also teach composition and improvisation.

I believe that each student is different and individual so I teach everyone differently. The basics are the basics, but how they are taught must vary according to who the student is. I believe that humor is an important part of learning and living and I always try to have a good time with my students. It might as well be fun, right?

What some have said:

"Not all musicians are great music teachers, and not all music teachers are great musicians, but Randy Craig is both. He's patient, funny, and he really knows his stuff. Highly recommended!"
-- Bill Snyder, adult student of several years.

"Randy Craig is the best. He taught my son piano for about 10 years, and was flexible and creative and encouraging and patient. Randy is an amazing musician and teacher, and could make any music my son was interested in accessible to his level. He would listen to a CD and quickly write the music and teach the song. He focused on theory as well, and since my son had trouble reading music, Randy taught him to read chord charts. Randy was as much a mentor to my son as a piano teacher and their relationship continues into adulthood."
-- Nina Raff, Mother of young student

"I’ve played piano all my life and studied classically, but had always thought I couldn’t “do” jazz. I’ve been studying with Randy for a year and a half. He’s a fantastic teacher: relaxed, warm and inspiring. His love for and knowledge of jazz is deep and broad, so I’m learning more than notes and chords; I’m learning an art form. He explains things in a way that makes sense to me and he’s incredibly patient when I’m learning new skills. Randy gives me enough structure to feel comfortable, as well as plenty of room to experiment and improvise. Hey ­­­­ that’s jazz!"
-- Carol Hazenfield, Adult student

"Randy has a great rapport with his young students and helps the late bloomers too. Finding material that both interests and challenges, while keeping a smile on their faces, Randy gives his students great fundamentals with fun pieces to play in all genres!"
--Michael Dingle, father of teenaged student

"Randy Craig is one of those rare teachers who is so involved with his music that he doesn't know the edges of how much he brings to his performances and students. He plays with the kind of grace that only comes from years and years of living inside his playing. As the piano player for the Pickle Family Circus he experienced a full range of emotional expression. He now composes, scores films, supports theater, leads his trio and other groups, and teaches. He also is very well read and well listened in regard to music, and will open up wonderful doorways of insight and perception at the mere hint of a question or interest. What I treasure most his ability to meet a student where they are, at whatever level of ability, and gently move them toward more competence and expression. It's my week's joy to work with him in our regular lessons."
--David Sibbet, Adult Student